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Dear Friend:

In professional lottery circles, they call me "Doctor T". That’s "T" for "Thousands" ... as in the dollars I effortlessly rake in like clock-work every single week.

But it wasn’t always this way for me. I used to be a "lottery loser" just like 99.9% of all the people who play. And I used to experience the same frustrations you probably know all too well. For example ...

You religiously play your favorite numbers like birthdays, anniversaries, kids’ ages ... things like that. And you make sure you never miss a game for fear your numbers will "hit" when you aren’t playing. But these numbers almost never hit. And even when they do, so many other people are playing them, the pots are miniscule.

You see numbers that look hot, so you play them, but they suddenly stop appearing. So you give up on them because they’re not hitting, and then when you’re not playing them, they hit like crazy.

It’s like fate is working against you. I remember that no matter what I did, I could never seem to play the right numbers at the right time. I used to get so frustrated, I’d go into my garage and SCREAM! I’ll bet you feel the same way.

The good news is, I finally figured out how to beat any lottery in the world. So if you’re ready to get all the money you deserve -- and end the frustration of losing once and for all ...

Say "goodbye" to luck, gimmicks and wishful thinking.
Become a non-stop winner with my secret "insurance-math" system
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Purely by chance, one day while I was in my dentist’s waiting room, I saw an article about an amazing new mathematical technology developed by insurance companies so they could make more money predicting life expectancy. It’s based on a totally new concept called "perpetual numbers".

I thought to myself, "if perpetual numbers can predict things as random as life spans, I’ll bet they could predict random lottery numbers too!"

It turns out that the "law of perpetual numbers" explains why the common-sense idea of playing "hot" numbers hasn’t made you rich. It’s not that you’re playing the wrong numbers ... it’s that you’ve been playing them at the wrong time. You aren’t giving them a chance to mature into virtually unbeatable "perpetual numbers".

I’ll spare you the boring technical details. Let me just say that after months of research, I had a buddy who’s a computer wiz play around with my ideas for using "perpetual numbers" to predict lottery wins. It took many more months to finally perfect it, but finally my Doctor T’s Lottery System was born.

Now you can win lottery cash any time you want ...
as easy as shooting fish in a barrel!

From the first day, I finalized my exclusive Doctor T’s Lottery System seven years ago, I began racking up unbelievable lottery wins game after game. Pick 3 ... Pick 4 ... Pick 6 ... you name it, I win ‘em all!

Soon cash was pouring in like a tidal wave ... and I just wanted one thing: MORE! More for me, and more for my friends.

So I gave my system to just about everyone I knew. And because it’s so easy, everyone I gave it to won BIG! In fact, over the next 7 years, we won tens of millions in US dollars from foreign lotteries.

Unfortunately, I guess our regular big wins were a little too obvious. Lottery officials in a few of these countries couldn’t stand the fact that we were beating them so regularly (especially being Americans).

Now mine is the ONLY lottery system I know of that’s made so many winners so much money, it’s actually been banned from 3 countries. And investigators in 5 other countries are still scratching their heads.

Your guaranteed chance to stop worrying
about your job, or your bills, or the economy ... ever again.
Drench yourself with money from the lottery, like water over Niagara Falls.

I came back to the U.S., and I decided it’s time to turn the tables on this country’s greedy lottery agencies. I want to take them for all they’re worth ... and give hard-working people like you all the money you deserve ... before they get wise to my system and try to shut it down here.

So I’ve selected YOU to be one of only 500 lottery players in the country to whom I will GIVE my lottery system so you can make more money than you ever imagined!

That’s right, respond today and I will give you my Doctor T’s Lottery System to use risk-free for 60 days. I want you to see how it feels to fill your pockets with so much lottery cash, they just about burst! I want you to win so often, you may never have to go back to your dead-end job again!

Why you have no choice but to win, Win, WIN
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Even an amateur investor knows if you invest in every stock available, you will go broke ... fast. Same with poker players, racing experts and many other professionals. Professional winners know that the ONLY way to consistently win big is to ONLY play the game when it’s to YOUR advantage.

Winning lotteries works exactly the same way.

But how do you know which numbers give you the advantage? How do you know when thousands of dollars in juicy lottery cash is ready to be plucked like low-hanging fruit? That’s the question that has eluded lottery players forever ... until now.

My Doctor T’s Lottery System eliminates all guess-work. It tells you EXACTLY which numbers are true "perpetual numbers" you should play ... and EXACTLY when to play them for your maximum advantage and winnings.

And what’s most important, it minimizes losses and protects your winnings by telling you when you should skip some games entirely because the odds are against you. You can’t help but win!

So simple, even a first-grader could bring home multiple lottery checks every week ... if they legally could!

Sure it took space-age arithmetic and computers to figure out my system. But once I figured it out, I made sure that USING my system to consistently win lottery cash is a no-brainer. In fact, I personally guarantee nothing makes winning easier than my Doctor T’s Lottery System.

There’s NEVER any guess-work, and NEVER any math at all. So you can automatically win thousands of dollars every week -- even if you’ve never used a computer, and even if your math skills end at 2 + 2!

Seriously, if you can write down some numbers on a piece of paper, you can make every trip to your lottery store like a trip to an unlocked bank vault full of cash for you.

Soon ... simply and automatically ... you can have more money than you ever imagined any time you want.

Want to get away for a last-minute vacation?

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Any time you need extra cash for anything ... you can quickly and easily get all you need by playing any lottery with my Doctor T’s Lottery System!

You can become rich because with a 92% win rate,
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After shaking down international lotteries, I personally double-tested my Doctor T’s Lottery System against the toughest lotteries in the U.S. In just four months I collectively won more than $1,500,000.00! Plus I’ve beaten EVERY lottery in EVERY state -- both "Super" lottos, as well as daily games. Here’s why:

A 5-year computerized study of all winning lottery numbers in ten states confirmed that 92% of all major winning numbers were perpetual numbers as derived from my Doctor T’s Lottery System. Think about what that means ... with up to a 92% chance of winning ... you may never lose another game!

What’s most important is that my Doctor T’s Lottery System is proven by real people playing real lotteries.

“I couldn’t help but let you know Doctor T’s Lottery System stands head and shoulders above its competitors. I was able to use the Doctor T System easily right from the start, and your clear instructions helped me every step of the way. You’ve truly got a winner on your hands!” -- Jamie Westerly, SD

“I had been looking everywhere for something that would work as well as Doctor T. does. The difference it has made and the results I’ve gotten are so impressive, I just had to take a moment to write and tell you about them. I’ve never seen a Lottery System work as well, and as quickly as Doctor T. does - and you can quote me on that!” -- Karen Pascale, TX

“Doctor T’s had everything I wanted in a Lottery System. I bought it hoping that it could do even half of what it claimed to. Well to my surprise (and delight), Doctor T’s completely over-delivered! Doctor T’s is everything it says and so much more! You’ll never know until you try it for yourself!” -- La Shandra Greenly, FL

Like having a crystal ball that shows you the winning games and winning numbers over and over again.

Peoplehave already offered me more than $1,000 to get their hands on my system. And frankly, this proven system for making up to $10,000 and more in lottery winnings every month would be a bargain at 10 times that price. But my Doctor T’s Lottery System won’t cost you anywhere near that!

I ve already got all the money I need. I just want to help the first 500 people who want to help me stick it to the lottery. Of course, that means I can’t just give my system away for nothing, or people would order it who aren’t serious about using it. So all I’m asking for is a token “commitment fee” of only $57.00 (plus $3.00 shipping/handling). Total: $60. And I GUARANTEE there’s no way you can lose!

Use my Doctor T’s Lottery System for 60 days. You will win up to $10,000.00 a month or more, or you won’t pay a penny. Period. Just send everything back any time within 60 days, and I’ll send you a full refund of your fee per our complete wintrack guarantee.

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As an extra bonus for trying my Doctor T’s Lottery System, I will also send you my "Win-It-Quick System" that can turn any slot machine into a money-fountain ... ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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If you’re serious about winning like crazy and changing your life, you must be one of the first 500. Period.

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Doctor T.

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Here’s More Actual Proof That YOU Can Be A Big Winner
With Doctor T’s Lottery System!


Actual results playing 25 consecutive daily games.


Game 1


- $11


Game 10


WON $422


Game 19


WON $94


Game 2


- $18


Game 11


WON $33


Game 20


WON $1,600


Game 3


WON $2,870


Game 12


- $3


Game 21


WON $15


Game 4


WON $912


Game 13


WON $6,400


Game 22


- $38


Game 5


WON $619


Game 14


WON $358


Game 23


WON $111


Game 6


WON $12


Game 15


WON $1,211


Game 24


- $29


Game 7


WON $544


Game 16


- $21


Game 25


WON $9,600


Game 8


- $60


Game 17


- $6


Game 9


WON $965


Game 18


WON $2






Actual results playing 25 consecutive "super" games.


Game 1


WON $5,400


Game 10


WON $28


Game 19


- $14


Game 2


- $68


Game 11


WON $9,300


Game 20


WON $65


Game 3


WON $1,300


Game 12


- $9


Game 21


- $28


Game 4


- $32


Game 13


WON $9


Game 22


WON $98,000


Game 5


WON $54,000


Game 14


- $38


Game 23


- $89


Game 6


WON $192


Game 15


- $90


Game 24


WON $1,400


Game 7


- $44


Game 16


WON $31


Game 25


WON $114,000


Game 8


WON $7,600


Game 17


WON $2,800


Game 9


- $65


Game 18


WON $192





It’s almost impossible NOT to grow rich with Doctor T’s Lottery System because


Personal Memo From Lottery Expert

... Art Robertson


Dear Friend,

As a mathematician and someone who’s been a lottery professional for many years, I am still totally blown away by Doctor T and his system based on perpetual numbers. Doctor T’s Lottery System makes all the old lottery formulas obsolete ... and even proves many are totally wrong.

Want proof? One look at the ACTUAL PLAY charts using Doctor T’s Lottery System on the back of this note should have you sprinting to your phone, or CLICKING HERE IMMEDIATELY!

Believe me, if you want to end your money worries for good, you definitely need to make sure you are one of the lucky 500 who get to try his amazing, proven system with ZERO risk.

I’m amazed at how Doctor T has simplified his lottery-busting discovery so that you can start making money the very first day! And it works with ANY lottery you like to play. It’s beaten them all!

In fact, Doctor T’s Lottery System increases your odds so dramatically, it’s almost impossible to lose.

And the real beauty of Doctor T’s Lottery System is that you only have to play as few as 3 numbers to win over and over again. So instead of plunking down $40 - $50 - $100 or more to cover possible wins, you could win more often playing only $3 - $6.

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